In the Resources section, we offer a range of resources for growing and developing a Christian Workplace Group, and also articles of interest to Christians as individuals in the workplace.
20131204204101 At the core of Transform Work UK's vision is the growth of secure, vibrant Christian groups which are God's channels for blessing in their organisations. Here we introduce 2 TWUK booklets, covering how to start a group, and rejuvenating a group that has run into difficulties.
Choir Many people ask us for ideas for what a group can do once formed, both within its meetings and as special events or activities around its regular meetings. A special event is a wonderful way to raise the group's profile or more overtly to show a Christian presence within the organisation. There are lots of ideas here.
Stress purple Stress is an issue that faces many in the workplace today. TWUK Board Member Adrian Miles holds a PhD in Managing Workplace Stress and is available to speak to groups on the handling of stress from a Christian perspective. He has also written a TWUK booklet on stress management which can be downloaded here.

Trevor Payne, 27/01/2016