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Cardiff Council Christian Fellowship 

Cardiff Council Christian Fellowship are a group of colleagues that are radically reaching out in the workplace - to shine the light of Christ to each other and those who do not know God - yet! We are following the Holy Spirit to establish the Kingdom of God in our workplace, in Cardiff and in Wales.

We also intend - by the grace of God - to expand beyond where we are right now, by networking, and positively reaching out to our colleagues, other organisations, MPs, Councillors, Managers and people from other cultures, groups and even countries.

Cardiff Council Christian Fellowship recently met with management to discuss our plans and aspirations within the workplace. We met with 3 of the top management, which was an amazing opportunity for us to express our desire to work with them whilst reaching out to colleagues with the good news of Jesus Christ. They listened to us and are considering the expression of Christianity in the workplace.

Our main thrust has been to connect - with the Christians and the non-Christians within the organisation and outside - by personally distributing many resources. Some of these we have commissioned and purchased ourselves, others have been kindly donated by Transform Work UK and UCB.

We have had open doors wherever we have gone, meeting many non-Christians along the way and even 2 Muslim schools! God has blessed us everywhere - 230 posters in all schools in the area, bottled water with scripture on, calendars, placemats and even Bibles being given to non-Christians: 49 within 13 working days requested! All glory to God most high!

We are open to connecting with any ministries in South Wales and any colleagues within Cardiff Council. We want to hear from you if you have ideas, resources that will appeal to non-Christians so please get in touch because we need to hear your voice.

We are looking to establish His kingdom within every sphere of life. We listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit and take risks, try new ideas and follow the Master. It is His will to be Lord and Saviour of our colleagues so we are introducing Him to them by loving them, being real, friendly and led by His Spirit.

It is hard work, requires dedication, sensitivity, and a willingness to not quit and learn moment by moment but Jesus Christ is worth it, and He loves them so much.

Sue Glendinning
Cardiff Council Christian Fellowship
Facebook: CCCF: Cardiff Council Christian Fellowship
Sue Glendinning, 31/01/2011