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Going Deeper

Ffald Y Brenin group

On Friday 24th February we set off for Ffald Y Brenin, a beautiful retreat centre in Wales with a rich heritage of healing and prayer that has made it somewhat famous. We could feel the presence of God as soon as we arrived in this special place, a "thin" place between heaven and earth and we knew that it would be a special weekend.

There is a sense that God is doing something new in the body of Christ and this was confirmed by many of us who attended coming from very different denominations, workplaces and journeys in life but feeling the same about this season. We had representatives from pharma, education, dentistry, local and national government, health and business. Many conversations revolved around the idea that new wineskins are being created as old systems and ways of doing things as a church are being deconstructed and repositioned for what is to come.

It was with these things in mind that we came together to worship and pray for Gods leading in our lives and particular workplace spheres. We had some powerful times of worship and prayer with many of the attendees receiving words of revelation and encouragement to share their faith in the workplace.

One theme that came up was the theme of going "deeper" with God and one person even had a very beautiful spontaneous song about that during the worship time. She had no idea that we were about to read a passage of scripture about exactly that which was chosen before the meeting, this was another confirmation that God was speaking to us all individually about the same theme - "going deeper". We focused on Ezekiel 47 where the man was measuring various levels of the river until it became too deep to cross without swimming.

We felt that the river represents Holy Spirit and we are invited to enter in to the flow of the spirit both as a church and as individuals. Some of us will only go ankle deep , some even waste deep but to be fully immersed we have to let go of any control and be pulled along by the current. There were also many other things God spoke to us about Ezekiel 47; particularly the salt water being turned into fresh water and healing everywhere the river went. As a group we felt that God wants us to be the agents of change in our workplaces bringing healing wherever we go and one lady had a vision of the river running from the temple through the centre of her town which is currently a barren place with many shops closed down. We need this river in our lives!

Here is a short testimony from one of the attendees about her experience.

This is a very pivotal time for the body of Christ, the future will be very bright indeed and maybe not what we have become accustomed to in the way we operate. This is an exciting time to be in the workplace, let us go deeper with God and shine our light brighter and brighter in our workplaces and we will see healing wherever we go.

Ffald Y Brenin -