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Being salt and light in times of sorrow
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The recent coronavirus pandemic has placed much strain on all of our lives, including those people working in the funeral and bereavement sector.

There was a realisation that Christians who worked in roles such as funeral directors, funeral celebrants, bereavement nurses and grief counsellors (like so many in the sector) needed support and encouragement. Often, Christians in such positions are working alone or in small groups where they are the only believer.

As a result, Transform Work UK set up a Christian Support Group called Christians Working with the Bereaved (CWWtB) because there were several Christians in this sector that had no fellowship with others doing the same or similar work and so the need for networking was established.

The aims of the CWWtB are that Christians in this sector know that they are not on their own, being prayed for, supported and encouraged by other believers as they serve people who are grieving. It is the distinctiveness of the hope that believers have in Jesus that can make a difference where people are mourning.

In addition, many Christians in the funeral and bereaved sector are members of professional organisations so CWWtB will seek to support and encourage our brothers and sisters to be godly influences in those bodies.

It is also the aim to share best practice and current guidance so that we will not only carry out our work to the highest standard, but that we will supersede it as we seek to honour our Saviour who we serve and had compassion on those people who were mourning. If you or someone who works in the funeral and bereavement sector would like further details or to join CWWtB, please e-mail

Andrew Drury
Coordinator of Christians Working With the Bereaved