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Faith Friendly Workplaces, the next steps...

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On Monday 16th January 2023, faith representatives from Thames Water, OVO Energy, Rolls-Royce met at the University of Derby Multi-Faith Centre (MFC) with representatives of the MFC and University plus representatives of other companies on line to review progress on the Faith Friendly Workplaces (FFW) initiative.

The University of Derby have secured funding for an intern to support the first of three phases of this project. Phase one is a literature review for around 4 months before phase two looks to develop accreditation criteria and phase three will investigate embedding and bringing this to market in a sustainable manner. Phases two and three will require additional funding over around two years and options are being explored for this.  FFW as an entity requires the standard constructs. For instance governance, gathering interested parties. These are being put in place with a chair, co-chair, secretary and treasurer identified plus contact with faith representatives of over 35 companies within the UK. There will also be representatives from a range of faiths to support the trustees.

The application for FFW to be a charity has been rejected and the reasons for the rejection are being considered to see if there as an opportunity to resubmit.

There was a good discussion amongst all around the FFW topic with a number of options to explore further. One aspect that was worth noting is that human resources within companies are becoming unsure about managing spirituality within the workplace, which is where FFW can provide support and guidance.

Why is this seen as important to those participating? Faith is an integral part of who a person is and shapes their world view. We ask people to bring their whole selves to work, but many people of faith feel a pressure to hide their faith during the work day. The faith networks enable people to feel supported by people of their faith at work and enable those who want it to have times of prayer and reflection together.

In the evening. an excellent curry was enjoyed in Derby city centre.

3 prayer pointers
We would love you to pray for this initiative
1. To receive charity commission status
2. Wisdom and discernment for the leaders, Dave Law and Secretary Andy Smith who both lead Christian Workplace Groups
3. The student offered the internship at Derby University has recently accepted the position. Please pray for wisdom for him (he is a Christian), his interaction with his supervisor and the head of the MFC

Andy D Smith
Co-Chair Multi-Faith Network, Rolls Royce
Co-Chair, Faith Friendly Workplaces