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Good News Story from Italy 

Since sharing the below article at the end of last year it's been so encouraging to learn that the new chair of our board at Transform Work UK speaks fluent Italian, as well as  one of our associates.   We've also discovered a number of workplace group leaders who speak Italian and we are now connecting Christians in Italy to Transform Work Italy from our UK contacts.  Really exciting!    No wonder our first branch into Europe is in Italy. Please keep praying for Raffaele and Fabio as they come over to the UK on Monday 27th January 2020 for our Workplace Prayer Event.
Raffaele Vergotti who is the workplace group leader at Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Brescia, shares his experiences about how he became inspired to create a Christian Workplace Group. He has also started the Transform Work Italy organisation.

Transform Work Italy logo cropWhy did you set up the Christian Workplace Group?
In 2014, God made me aware that work is a gift from Him and not a damn (curse). This changed my perspective about work and I have therefore deepened the subject by studying the Bible and reading some Christian books. Since then, God has made me meet other colleagues with a predisposed heart and so was born the BCC Brescia CWG. Now 17 colleagues - out of the 400 who make up the Bank's staff - pray every working day, divided into groups of 3-4 people, for everything concerning our company, on topics that we define from month to month. Through a dedicated chat, we also share short weekly meditations to increase the knowledge of the Word of God. We also intend to offer bi-monthly training meetings on specific topics. We are organizing ourselves to extend the project to other Italian's companies.

Why do you feel it's important to have a Workplace Group in Italy?
In Italy, the prayer and the reading of the Word of God are not an essential part of people's lives, even of those who call themselves Christians; moreover, the churches are less and less frequented. We believe that CWGs can contribute to a reawakening of the Faith and bring people closer to God.

How did you find Transform Work UK?
Through the Internet; in Italy there are no CWGs and so Transform Work immediately hit me.

Pic of Raffaele 3x2What is your vision for your group and other organisations in Italy?
Our vision is to inspire Christians to live the principles of the Gospel even in their workplace, transforming it, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, into the "best place to work".

What can we pray for you?  
We are a "start-up" and therefore what we need most is the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So we ask you to pray that the Holy Spirit will give us strategy and direction.

If you would like to connect with Transform Work Italy on Instagram, click here.

ps, Raffaele just emailed to say, "In this period of Advent we launched the "21-Day Challenge" ( and about fifteen people have joined".    Hallelujah!  Why don't you see if your group might like to take up the challenge.

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