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How Do You Overcome in Your Workplace? 

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A report from Ros on a gathering of Christian Workplace Group leaders in Rugby.

One of Transform Work's signature verses from the Word of God is Rev 12:11:

“They triumphed over him
by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony”

The short answer to the title question, is that we overcome by being In Christ, and by the word of our testimony, speaking out what the Lord has done and is doing in and through us. 

Many leaders of Christian Workplace Groups can feel isolated, thinking that they are the only ones in their area. Leading the group can be a struggle. This is one of the main reasons our Ambassadors bring leaders of Christian Workplace Groups together, to hear stories of what God is doing in and through them in their respective organisations and professions. 

A little over a year ago, Transform Work organised a networking event in the Coventry / Rugby area with half a dozen leaders.  The next year, we invited the same group back together and it has doubled in size and number of testimonies!

We heard how one leader started their group in a closet in his workplace before bringing it out into a meeting room, having received permission from his managers to do so. Another leader shared how he had become a Christian in the workplace having attended a 'Christianity Explored' course after which he just wanted to tell all his colleagues about Jesus. He found support in doing this from the Christian Workplace Group. A few years later he now leads that group. Another leader shared how he was approached by his organisation's Equality and Diversity manager who asked the Christian Workplace Group to formally join the staff network structure, thus being able to engage more easily with senior management, having the opportunity to influence policy from a Christian perspective, and amongst other privileges, achieving a higher profile within the organisation.

As testimony after testimony was spoken out, faith rose in the room and ideas were shared. As the meeting drew to a close Ros asked if the leaders would like to meet together in another year’s time. The answer was a resounding "NO! That’s far too long a gap. Let's meet again in 6 months", was the reply! The leaders of the Christian Workplace Groups are going to commit to pray for each other in their Christian Workplace Groups over these months and we just can’t wait to hear new testimonies of what the Lord will do in and through them. 

If you are based in the Coventry/Rugby area and want to know how to start up a Christian Workplace Group, or perhaps you already lead a Group but want to connect with others, please let know. We would love to have you join in the next meeting.


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