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Mugs for Christmas

What’s a good way for a Christian Workplace Group to get across the Christmas message to others in the organisation and at the same time raise the profile of your group? One tried and tested approach is to have some tea/coffee mugs made with a Christian message on them, along with the name of the Group and a contact number and then send them out as gifts at Christmas.

Apart from being received by individuals you can guarantee that they will get left all over the place in kitchens and on desks, etc. This is very effective in communicating a simple Christian message and raising awareness of the Group in the organisation. Give away one mug and many others will use it and get the message!

Christians in the Audit Commission (CiTAC) gave away mugs with their logo on and had a number of people make contact with the group as a result. This approach can also be used as a means of advertising forthcoming events which your Christian Workplace Group might be organising such as a speaker event.

You will find many suppliers are able to provide mugs with the words you want placed on them. Do shop around as there are usually discounts for larger quantities.

This is a great and simple means of Christmas outreach, but just one thing, don’t forget to get permission from your managers or HR department first!