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Christians In Pharmacy London ‘Get Together’

February 2016

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The Christian Professional and Sector Group Christians in Pharmacy met in London to discuss ways in which people in the profession can be an effective witness where they work. The session was led by Chik Kaw Tan, leader of the group, with Michael Coveney from Transform Work UK being the main speaker.

The topics covered included Jesus' great commission to go into the world and ‘make disciples’, along with practical ways in which this can be done. Particular emphasis was made on us being ourselves and remembering that our lifestyle, our attitude to work, managers, customers and colleagues, and our response to unfair situations, speak far louder than our words.

Attendees were split up into groups to discuss what they could do in their workplace to live out Romans 12:9-21. Suggestions put forward included:
  • Identifying a workplace issue and doing something about it
  • Supporting the organisation’s adopted charity (or a local community cause)
  • Advising the organisation on things that may offend particular groups of customers
  • Setting up something related to a hobby (e.g. a walking group)
  • Getting people to talk on topics such as stress, budgeting, debt counselling, etc
The point of the above is to demonstrate our love and concern for others, which will then lead people to ask why we do these things. In response, we can testify to what Jesus has done in our own lives.

The session ended by stressing that:
  • Witnessing is about living a non- judgmental lifestyle, focused on blessing others
  • We are first and foremost God’s ambassadors to our workplaces
  • God requires us to conduct our work as if we were working directly for Him
  • We should find pro-active ways of living out Romans 12:9-21
  • We should find out who else is a Christian where we work - by getting individual Christians together, we can make an even bigger impact in the workplace
For more information on Christians in Pharmacy and how you can join them, visit their web site at