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Hospital RoomNorthwick Park Hospital Harrow 

We received the following recently from the leader of the group at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow:

By God's grace we are blessed with the opportunity to arrange monthly Healthcare fellowship meetings in Northwick Park Hospital, west London. A monthly advert is placed in the hospital email newsletter which goes out to all the staff in the hospital.

Respondents are invited to the meetings (often in the hospital chapel), with further invites sent 2 weeks in advance via email and text message. We are open to all healthcare professionals; the group is representative of the range of workstreams within the NHS from doctors through to nurses, administrative staff, allied health functions and relatives and is supported by a local church group. Staff, patients and visitors have all been touched by the Holy Spirit and people are being attracted by this anointing flowing from the chapel into the corridor!

Many staff have been asking about the meeting and sharing how the Lord is calling them to position themselves in their work place as the mission field where He placed each one for the call He has for them. I believe God is awakening His church for the end times, to be united and to seek Him more. We can sense how people are much more sensitive, hungry and openhearted to the word of God. It's time for us to be more attentive to the opportunities He creates around us and to observe people and situations where the there are needs we can minister into.

As a group we pray and are lead by the Spirit in deciding a range of events: from 2 hours prayer walks around the hospital, through to meetings for joint prayer, or holding a service in the chapel, attended by patients, with praise and worship and individual prayer for patients. Meetings last 1 hour, or at most 2 hours.

We meet on Saturdays, often in the afternoon. All are invited!!! 

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