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Barclays bankBarclays - Speed Mentoring 

News of an exciting event hosted recently by the Barclays Christian Forum:

The Barclays Christian Forum recently hosted the ‘Wisdom at the Roundtable’ speed networking event, a first of its kind.

The aim was to get together workers from across the City in a room with 4 senior professionals (managing directors/directors) from Barclays, who were Christians, to discuss and share how they have implemented their values in their various careers.

We believe that whatever we do, in word or deed, should be done as a representative of Christ, so having the opportunity to host such an event was incredible, especially because many there would be curious as to how Christian principles could be expressed in the banking industry. 
The event comprised roughly 32 workers directing questions pertaining to career progression, faith at work and ‘calling’ with each senior professional rotating between tables every 10 minutes.

The feedback was positive, both from attendees but also from the senior leaders themselves.  Many emphasised how they were encouraged and challenged by what was said. People went away with a greater sense of how it is possible to represent Jesus in the workplace.