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plant littleEverything Starts Small! 

We received the following recently from someone in the workplace (names withheld for now). What a wonderful story of faithfulness, which shows just how Transform Work can help people across the country grow groups from small beginnings - in a maintenance closet!

I would be grateful for your prayers for our little prayer group. I started work at [this company] in December and through your website my wife found that there was a Christian Union at [another company] just over the road from us. Through their support, and that of local churches I've been able to find three other Christians in the workplace and have started a Tuesday lunchtime prayer group.

We're keen to leave the 'faith room' (a maintenance closet which accesses the back of the ATM and the lift under the stairs) and make use of the vacant meeting rooms nearby, to start meeting as a functional fellowship and run courses, invite speakers, and organize events for our workforce. 

I've approached HR over this but things are slow, and it's hard to know how to proceed. Your prayers would be very much appreciated at this time and I look forward to being able to interact more fully with you if we can become recognized as a group.

Transform Work have contacted this person and are seeking to do all we can to help them grow an effective Christian Workplace Group.