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E.ON Christian Network 

Vision: That Christians working across E.ON would feel part of an authentic and vibrant Christian community which is a blessing to the company: united, active, supportive and providing a focal point for Christians throughout E.ON.
Purpose: We intend to bless the company through a faithful expression of Christian labour, love, integrity and compassion at work; To help Christians focus on and serve God while at work; and to be a friendly and authentic community of believers – to be here for each other. All are welcome to the local meetings and activities of E.ON Christians Network (ECN). The hardest step is often to walk through the door the first time so it may help to contact your local ECN site rep (as listed on the Within the Workplace page) to break the ice before attending your first meeting. In short, we’re a collection of site based groups of Christians across E.ON who meet up to chat, encourage each other and pray.
Be part of: By joining the E.ON Christian Network (ECN) you will automatically get the monthly newsletters, and be invited to the monthly telephone conference calls.
Groups meet every week and the meeting is usually held in one of the local meeting rooms or local off site venue, during lunch breaks. Meetings are between 30 minutes and 1 hour, but people are most welcome to stay as long as they can, and leave when they wish, work permitting.
As meeting times and location can change, it is best to be on the ECN email list. An email is sent out each week to those wishing to be on the mailing list, which notifies you of the next room and time as well as details of special events (link to be added to email list).
Each site lists exactly when and where each week's group meetings will take place. Sites involved are: Bedford, Bolton, Grain Ps, Greenwood, Newlands, Newstead, Sherwood, Technology Centre, Westwood.