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Open doorOpen doors: God rewards the Bold Steps of a Small Christian Workplace Group

We received an encouraging report recently from a Christian Workplace Group leader in local government, showing how God is at work building groups like this and opening doors for the group, as they pray and take bold steps in faith. Some details have been changed to preserve anonymity.
“We are up to 33 on our circulation list for meetings, and we had 10 people at last week’s meeting. That’s up from 4-5 earlier in the year. We are following a simple formula each week of discussing things for prayer/news, then reviewing the topic for the day in the UCB daily Bible Notes. There is usually plenty to discuss. We then conclude with 5 minutes of prayer for each other, the Council or whatever is on our hearts. We are slowly getting more people to contribute to this, which is encouraging. I think it is important that we do something constructive and focused, as people will drift away otherwise.
Because they are busy meetings now, we are thinking of having a separate meeting some weeks to plan our Christmas carol service. This has been arranged locally as usual for 9th December, with the Mayor and Deputy Chief Executive booked to attend.
How did we get recognised [as a group by HR]?  Well, our group have been known for many years as organisers of the annual carol and Easter Services, through the actions of my predecessors, but it got forgotten when they left. I got the agreement of my manager to spend my own time in the office helping to organise the carol service, using office facilities. I approached the new Chief Executive to get the carol service re-started, and she agreed to it being a “civic” service, although she declined to attend. Similarly with the Easter service. But her deputy has been very supportive. So since then we have kept on going and not asked any more, apart from my request to our Head of Human Resources to be allowed to publicise our existence: I said in my email:- 

“Good morning Stuart
How are you? 
I am wondering how we can let staff know about the existence of the Council’s Christian Fellowship, and our weekly meetings?  In the old days we would have had a notice on notice boards, but things are different now. Ideally we would like to have something on the intranet and something in staff induction packs, along with anything which other faith groups may have to offer.  I am suggesting simple information to support and encourage staff, not evangelism.
Would be grateful for your advice. “

He was supportive and passed me on to the person who manages our intranet, who posted our simple publicity.  We haven’t pushed the suggestion of induction packs (yet).  But it felt like a door was opened to us!”