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Sefton Council Easter resurrection display 2
Unfair trail

To mark Jesus’ unfair trail we displayed a world map behind a set of bars, and invited people to pause or say a prayer about an area of injustice, and switch on a (battery-operated!) tea light. This was another low key way in which people could enter into the story of Easter and relate it to an aspect of their own lives or experience.


The Personnel manager was keen to avoid unnecessary opposition to our display. He suggested we made it clear that it was promoted by the Christian Group incase anyone thought the initiative was organised by the Council.

We also sought permission from the Council’s Facilities Manager. In view of the type of people who visit our building (some angry and frustrated), she warned us not to include anything in the display which could be used as a projectile. She thought small Easter eggs would be OK!


Our Easter display illustrates the value of being a formally recognised Workplace Group and the opportunity to discuss our activities with a member of the Council’s Management Team.

It is fantastic to have a Personnel Manager who is so supportive of our activities. He had given us permission to organise an event so it felt important to act on that.

God gave us the creative help we needed. The displays were simple but eye-catching. We wanted to highlight the significance of Easter in a way which would stimulate people’s interest. When asked, people generally responded to the request to write a prayer or switch on a candle.

This was a real fillip to the faith of our group. What next? We are already planning an open meeting when our members talk about what their faith means day to day. We are also thinking about how best to arrange for people to make requests for prayer.

And advice to other groups? If God puts something on your heart, go for it. He will provide the means to make it happen!

If you would like further details of the Sefton Council Easter display, we would love to share this with you.