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Bridging the gap between work and faith.

About Transform Work

Since its inception in 2003, Transform Work has grown to include a network of over 500 workplace groups across 22 sectors. Our vision at Transform Work is to bring both the opportunities and the resources for Christians to openly and effectively share their faith at work, and influence the profession, commerce and industry with Christian values. We do this by connecting workplace groups in our get connected portal, offering professional advice, providing workplace resources and regular usable guidance that complies with the latest workforce guidelines for various sectors and hosting regular events. We also partner with a team of volunteer ambassadors and associates who come alongside the vision of TW to provide their professional expertise and guidance, pastoral support and can be invited to speak at your workplace free of charge at training, christian workgroups or evangelical outreach events.

Discover the ways in which we at Transform Work can support you in your field of work so that you can live out your faith with confidence and clarity both at home and at work.

By your side at work.

Our Story

Transform Work began through the ministry and pioneering work of Revd Dr Clifford and Monica Hill who God first gave the vision of connecting Christians into groups to encourage and challenge one another to transform workplaces and nations. In 2003 Ros Turner joined the team and together they began to research what was needed to support existing workplace ministry. After a series of meetings with network leaders, workplace groups and christian workplace ministries, the team were encouraged to see a real need growing in the workforce to equip Christians to share their faith at work.

There was an excitement as leaders met and shared good practice across the professions, commerce and industry and in 2005 the Christian Workplace Forum was birthed, chaired by Dr Peter Carruthaers from the Agricultural Christian Fellowship with an advisory group made up of group leaders from the Lawyers Christian Fellowship, Christians in Property, Christian Medical Fellowship, Christians in Media, PR Christian Network and Association of Christian Teachers.

Since then, Transform Work has grown internationally and established a relational network of over 500 Christian Workplace Groups, 54 Christian Professional and Sector Groups and we also list 80 Christian Workplace Ministries.

Run by a core team of volunteers, ambassadors, associates and a small paid staff, we connect with workplace Christians everyday via email, whatsapp, across social media, and when invited, we regularly connect with Diversity and Inclusion Managers to represent and support Christian workplace group leaders. Our ambassadors and associates volunteer their expertise and network to bring continued support and strategy to workplace groups and offer pastoral care for Christians at work across the nation. And can be invited to speak free of charge at your workplace for evangelistic outreach events and/or training.

If you are not praying for your workplace - who is? If you’re not living for Jesus and being the hope of Christ in work - who else is going to do this? God has put you there, but God doesn’t ask you to go it alone. Find other believers in your profession, sector or workplace and together you can make a difference for eternity.

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