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Meet the Ambassador Team

Our volunteer ambassadors connect, equip and support workplace Christians. They provide personal encouragement and prayer to leaders of Christian Workplace Groups and also facilitate networking events in their regions to share good practice.

If you would like to know more about being an ambassador please fill out our contact us form.

Matt Aldridge
South West of England
Matt worked in Publishing for 10 years, firstly in Basingstoke and later in Kings Cross. Whilst working in Kings Cross, Matt attended the lunchtime ministries run by St Helen's at Bishopsgate and it was during this time that God gave him a heart for workplace ministries. He has a strong belief that God should be placed at the centre of our '9-5'.

Matt has since started working for a Clinical Research Organisation based in Reading where he has established a Christian Work Group for the workers of the Green Park business park. Over recent months Matt has been assisting TWUK Thames Valley Ambassador Dave Law with Matt recently joining the TWUK team as Ambassador for Reading.
Alan Bowden
National Government Groups
Alan was instrumental in helping to run the Christian Group in the Department for Education. We are thrilled that he is now coming to give his voluntary time to support other Christian Workplace Groups in Ireland and the UK.
Ann Cheung
Greater Manchester / Warrington in the North West
Ann Cheung is the Ambassador for Greater Manchester and Warrington in the North West. She loves working with people who are in the business of growing the Kingdom of God because it’s real, purposeful and excitingand a real privilege. After 30 years working in the infrastructure sector as a Chartered Civil Engineer and Programme and Project Management Consultant, she’s been called to work with Christians in corporate life, Christians in leadership and Christian teams whether that’s in the corporate world, charities or churches. She is an Executive Coach and Systemic Team Coach and works to enable people to get clear, get equipped and get going so that they can live-out their calling.
Velma Dean
Local Authority Christian Network
Velma has worked as an administrator within a local authority setting for several years.
She is one of a team who promote the Christians at Work group within Northamptonshire Children’s Trust, West Northamptonshire Council and North Northamptonshire Council.
She wants to connect and encourage Christians to be salt and light in their workplace, contributing to the life and growth of their organisations through the power of prayer and the forging of positive relationships and friendships.
Velma is actively involved in her local church. She has a passion to see people come to faith in Christ, be healed, equipped and enabled to share the good news of Jesus Christ wherever the opportunity arises.
Stephen Doel
Stephen Doel is a senior operations leader, COO and Executive Board Director with more than 25 years experience in the semiconductor and life sciences industries. He’s used to leading diverse, multi-site teams across a wide range of organisations, has spun out two not-for-profit companies in open source and education respectively, and acquired and integrated several businesses to continue the company's growth. He has run Workplace Christian groups for many years, is a volunteer on the Executive Team of Faith in Business, and delighted to be the Cambridge Ambassador for Transform Work UK.
Bently Eapen
North East of England region and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Sector
Bently works as an IT Director for a multinational consumer packaged goods company and has over 25+ years industry experience. One of the driving forces for Bently is his passion for being an Ambassador for Christ in the workplace, which enabled him to set up and lead a thriving Christian Work Group at his workplace. He is an active member of his local church and established and leads the Workplace Ministry at the church. Bently knows God has called him to serve in the Workplace focused ministry and is delighted to be the North East England Region and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Sector Ambassador for Transform Work.
Grace Gillen
National Health Service
Grace has worked in local government for six years, with over four years experience in delivering training specialising in children and young people's health, safety and wellbeing. She has a real passion for children and young people to grow up safe, free from harm and to know who they are as children of God. This has allowed her undertake mission work in different parts in Africa, where she was able to do direct work helping to increase self-esteem of young women who had experienced childhood trauma.

Grace is an active member of church, and is excited by being called into work ministry to encourage and equip other Christians in their workplaces to share their faith in Jesus, and be a real benefit to their organisations in practical, loving ways.
Lee Higson
Oil and Gas Industry
Lee has been involved with the energy industry for the last 25 years. Whilst working offshore, he started a small (3-4 people) cell church group on the Petrojarl Banff, an oil rig in the North Sea, which gave some really good opportunities to share Jesus at work, especially at Christmas time.

In 2019 Lee had a career change and is now a Pioneer Minister based in Bolton. He is also 'Assistant Chaplain' to the Oil and Gas Industry and is regularly doing offshore visits to various platforms in both the North Sea and Morecambe Bay, being available for all staff whatever faith or non-faith.

Through this work he has been able to find and connect Christians working on the platforms so they can continue to support each other in their work. If you work in the Oil and Gas Industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Adrian Holloway
Bedford, Cambridge, Peterborough, Northampton
Adrian retired in 2012 after a career spanning 38 years in local government. He was an active member of Christian Workplace Groups at all five of the Councils where he worked and was a leader for the last 15 years. During that time, he led the Bedfordshire County Council group in a "Transforming Bedfordshire" project which mirrored and supported the Council's successful transformation initiative which saw the Council rise from zero star to 3 star status in just three years as part of the Government's Corporate Performance Assessment tables. Adrian reported on this and the growth of the Bedfordshire group at the TWUK Conference in 2009.
Andrew Humphreys
South East of England and Public Services
Andrew Humphreys is on Transform Work UK’s team of Ambassadors for the South East of England and is the Ambassador Lead for organisations delivering public services. All of Andrew’s work experience has been in delivering or managing different kinds of public services and he is passionate about public service delivery organisations fulfilling their potential as great places to work that deliver services that transform people’s lives according to kingdom values.

Andrew has spent his career in public service delivery settings of various kinds and today works as a consultant helping to improve public services through a consulting business he set up. Andrew has a wide range of Christian ministry experience from street evangelism to leading a church pastorate and has experience of mentoring growing leaders in the Church of England.
Femi Idowu
London Councils
Femi has a bachelors and a masters in communications from Howard University, Washington DC. He retired from public service in 2000 and was a consultant to media organisations in Nigeria before relocating the the UK.

Femi is now a board member of the London Councils Christian Network (LCCN) and International Coordinator of Christians United in Prayer (CUP). He volunteers in the Chaplaincy department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, part of the Lewisham and Greenwhich NHS trust.

He is a preacher, teacher and author and is also our volunteer prayer and pastoral lead.
Alexander Keen
Alex used to work in local government before The Lord called him to full time ministry in the Church of England! Still having a passion for living out the Gospel in the workplace, Alex has joined the team to encourage, support and equip workplace Christians in his area.
Dave Law
Thames Valley
Dave works as a scientist for a Thames Water and heads up their Christian Workplace group. He also connects, equips and supports other workplace group leaders in Berkshire.

In 2022 Dave became the Chair of Faith Friendly Workplaces and is working with a team to have a nationally recognised accreditation for faith in work.
Steve Matthews
Steve is a town planner with Sefton Council, just north of Liverpool, and has spent his entire career in local government. He is Transform Work UK Ambassador for Liverpool / Merseyside.

Steve has a passion to see Christians live out their faith on their work ‘frontlines’, to encourage Christian groups to set up and flourish in their place of work, and to be a positive influence on their organisations.
Brad McLaughlin
Finance & Insurance Sectors
Brad works as a Pension Proposition Manager with Aviva. He has been with Aviva for over 17 years.
He leads the Christian Network, and he has helped to establish the Interfaith Networks within Aviva. Over the past 4 years, he has relentlessly focused on bringing faith out into the open. Brad has an overwhelming passion to bring Christians together building unity between different Christian believers. And alongside that to build bridges of understanding between Christians, non-believers, and those of other faiths.

Outside of work, Brad is a husband and father of four, who is actively involved in his local church focused mainly on enabling the young people. For fun, you’ll probably find Brad upside down practicing handstands, or teaching his kids about the importance of old video game.
Paul Mew
Local Authorities
Paul was saved at a Billy Graham rally in London at the age of 26, since when he’s been faithfully serving in the local church. Paul works in the financial investments team at Somerset County Council where he has seen the Christian workplace group at SCC grow from about five people to around 40 over the last 10 years. Paul’s passion is to equip and encourage the Christian Workplace Group to be proactive in their faith within the workplace. Paul also loves to connect with people and is looking forward to more activity within Transform Work in the near future.
Carol Porter
National Government Groups
Carol retired December 2020 from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office where she had led a Christian Workplace Group for many years. Now she would like to encourage other national government groups to flourish in the UK and abroad.
Brian Raj
Canary Wharf
Brian works with Thomson Reuters as a Tax Transformation Lead and co–leads the weekly fellowship there. Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Brian was actively involved or led Christian Workplace Groups at Intel, IBM and Oracle. He is a computer engineer by training and holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology from VTU India.
Bernadette Sam-King
Bernadette has joined the team in Wales to help support and grow workplace groups.

She has a professional background in HR & Training, and has worked for over 25 years in various sectors from charities to private sector. She has a calling to encourage, coach, develop, motivate and nurture people to reach their full potential in all that they were created to be. Passionate about the mission to bear witness in our workplaces and be salt and light in any area of society we are positioned in.
Mal Shaw
Bristol, Gloucester, Wiltshire
Mal is a programme delivery consultant who has worked with many major financial services companies and is currently with Atkins consultancy advising on engineering and government change. He is Transform Work’s South West ambassador which includes Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol and Swindon areas.

He has seen the impact that Christians can have in the workplace when they are open with their faith, and is keen to support new groups and help existing groups flourish.
Anna Somuyiwa
Anna has a real heart to support workplace Christians especially in the pharma industry connecting, supporting and equipping. She is part of Christians in Pharmacy and the Pharma Christian Network.
Sue White
National Government Groups
Sue led the Christian group in the Department for Education for 20 years. We are thrilled that she is now able to give her expertise to other Christian Workplace Groups.
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