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Love Bombing

Love Bomb Christmas chocolates

LOVE BOMBING - This is the term one of our Christian Workplace Groups gave to an idea for how to bring a little JOY and FUN and appreciation to some of their colleagues whilst remembering that Jesus is the reason for this season. BUT how to give out chocolates in a Covid compliant way to some of their more neglected teams (e.g. crematoria staff/ refuse depots) as well as key offices / Town Halls?

Well their plan was to draw a Christmas tree on cardboard, heavy wall paper or cork (or other material to hand), paint or draw the outline of a Christmas tree, decorate with baubles / tinsel and attach wrapped chocolates with tape or a drawing pin. The aim is to avoid people spreading infection by sticking their hands into a tub of chocolates. The ‘trees’ would be propped up in the relevant foyer/ office / depot.

Two weeks ago they were working through the practicalities of this and the first prototypes were yet to emerge. The contents of tubs of Roses, Celebrations and Heroes awaited to be attached to whatever Christmas tree was designed.

Now the first designs are emerging. "Over two boxes of chocolates are stuck to this marvellous tree painted by one of the Christian Workplace Group!" The group's co-leader goes on to say, "Only a few chocolates became casualties to my housemates’ mouths! ??

We love that housemates join in to make this initiative a reality and have fun too.

Lord Jesus, thank you that you came to bring LIFE in all its fullness. Thank you that fun and joy comes from you. Bless this wonderful quirky, creative Christmas LOVE BOMBING.

Love Bomb Christmas chocolates

'Love bombing' ! Ready to go to one of our Council depots or foyers!

Love Bomb Christmas chocolates Love Bomb Christmas chocolates
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