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Christmas hampers
Christmas Hampers

Chris, who is involved in running a Christian Group in an international software company, wrote to us to tell us about the exciting workplace initiative that the group launched at Christmastime. Chris writes:

“The Christmas Hamper idea came from my involvement with Besom. Besom regularly ask Churches to either prepare whole Christmas hampers or provide luxury items of food and presents to be added to hampers and given to those in need over Christmas.

I thought that our Christian work group could collect enough items for a couple of hampers so that’s all we decided to do. Members of the group dropped off items (mince pies, puddings, crackers etc.) into my office. The items built up and then were noticed by work colleagues who asked why I had all this “shopping” in my office. They too became enthusiastic to bring in items for this worthy cause. The first year we collected enough for 5 or 6 whole hampers and this was without any advertising. The following year we posted notices and asked for donations (signed by the Christian Fellowship group) and we collected enough to fill 14 hampers (see picture)

There were significant benefits arising from this initiative:

  • It raised the profile of the Christian group at work.
  • The initiative attracted several new additions to our group.
  • We re-emphasised the Christian context of Christmas at a time when many of the staff are focused on sales targets.
  • We helped some families in need with goodies they wouldn’t normally buy.”

This is a great story of how a Christian Group can really make a difference in the workplace. Do you have any similar stories to tell us that we might be able to share and encourage others?