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Christians in Communications 

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Christians in Communications exists to connect and resource Christians primarily in Royal Mail and BT. Membership is free.
Christians in Communications is one of the oldest industrial workplace fellowships in the UK. It was founded in 1887, connecting Christians working in communications to share the Christian gospel among postal and telecommunication workers particularly within Royal Mail and BT.

CIC aims to connect Christians across the Communications industry worldwide, in fellowship. You can find out more at our website

CIC is also known as the Post Office and Telecommunications Christian Association Trust Ltd (POTCA). It is a Christian mission charity and aims to encourage Christians in the world of communications to meet together to build a fellowship, pray and to share the Christian message of hope and salvation in the workplace. CIC have a number of fellowship groups that meet within Royal Mail and BT.

The vision

CIC multiimageCIC started in 1887 as “The International Postal and Telegraph Christian Association Senior Branch”, changing its name to “The Post Office Christian Association” (POCA) in 1931. In those early days, “communications” meant letters and telegrams and the Association began the work of sharing the Christian faith with thousands of employees across the Post Office in the UK and in other parts of the world.

The vision started back in 1875 by a young girl, Miss Annie Hodgkin, who, when in Kingston on Thames, had a calling to bring the Christian gospel to postmen. During the following three years after visiting homes and much prayer only one postman and his wife found Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. However, prayer continued and when Miss Hodgkin left Kingston, a Miss Edmonstone started a Bible study in 1885 and she had the joy of seeing more postmen and their wives find Jesus Christ. She was joined by Miss Synge, another enthusiastic helper who went on with others to take the vision internationally.

The development of communications was reflected in the expanded name “The Post Office and Telecommunications Christian Association” (POTCA), and activities were transferred to the present company in 2005. Today’s mission field includes the Post Office and the Royal Mail Group, BT, cable companies, mobile phone companies, TV and media and many other communications organisations.

CIC continues to provide support to Christians at work in the field of communications, to build the Kingdom of God by encouraging CIC meetings for fellowship, prayer and evangelism and to awaken interest among churches in the work place. 

CIC encouraged the establishing of the BT Christian Network (BTCN), which formed in April 2005. 

CIC prays for the Kingdom of God to grow throughout the world of communications, trusting that more men and women will discover Jesus Christ.