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Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems is a railway engineering company in the South West of England.

The following is an extract from our EFB award application from 2010, which I think gives a very clear picture of how the company perceives our workplace group:
“The Christians at Work Group has not only been supported in their meeting and prayer sessions, but also in the way that they interact on a wider basis with the whole workforce”
“this group provides an alternative spiritual support within the organisation, which would be missing without it”.

The above statement was written by an non-Christian in our media team and signed off by our HR Director at the time.

Another comment from an anonymous employee was:
“I was aware of the Christians at Work Group, and although I am not a Christian myself they welcomed me without prejudice and listened during a difficult time. They did offer to pray for me in a very gentle way and I felt able to accept or decline that freely. As it was I decided to allow the group to pray for me, and I believe this did help my situation. I felt supported by this Group and appreciate that this Group is allowed to exist within the company. So often spiritual issues cannot be explored without feeling intimidated or pounced upon. This was not my experience with this group.”

It doesn’t matter what we say about ourselves but what others see in us. I trust this gives you an insight to what we are about.

Hugh Webber
On behalf of KBRS Christians at Work Group

See my youtube video about this group - here
Hugh Webber, 31/01/2011