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Bromley Christian Fellowship 

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It’s always good to hear news of Christian Workplace Groups that are flourishing and making a real impact in the workplace. That certainly seems to be the case for Bromley Christian Fellowship (CF) whose meetings are providing an inspirational, Spirit-led foundation for moving forward in transforming the workplace.

Recent meetings have included a visit from Femi Idowu, one of Transform Work UK’s lead ambassadors who led a study focusing on how God uses people in the workplace for his honour and glory. He looked particularly at the role of Daniel, Shadrack, Meshak and Abednego as a civil servants. The talk was described by one of the group: ‘Today’s talk was amazing and so encouraging.’

Bromley CF place considerable emphasis on study and prayer, which forms the basis for everything they do – significantly prayer not only for the group but for the whole of Bromley Council, its employees and the people whom they serve. This is so important for all Christian Workplace Groups and is of course the foundation which allows groups to become outward facing, making a positive impact in their workplaces. This is certainly true for Bromley CF and a good example is their plans for Easter.

Bromley CF’s planned Easter Event is going to be on Wednesday 12 April 2017, when the group hope to have a stand in front of the civic centre and offer everyone a treat (Easter egg, hot cross bun, fruit etc) with a scripture attached (eg John 3:16). Bromley CF have been careful to ensure that they have gained the agreement of the Chief Executive. This is so important for effective working with managers.

What a great example of how regular prayer and biblical study can provide the launchpad for looking outwards into the organisation – a group not just concerned with its own well-being, but being there for the whole organisation in the Lord’s name.

Let’s pray for God’s continual blessing and grace for Bromley CF’s ministry and in particular for the success of their planned Easter event.