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Cubes Background VectorHow I got Here - Mike, Business Intelligence Analyst at Oracle

A story of how God leads us, and makes connections which can lead to good things - like the start of a Christian Workplace Group! 

Before I rejoined Oracle after a 7-year absence in 1998, a few people said ‘never go back’. Yet going back can be the right choice, and I believe it was for me. 

People now say things like “I am in the right place at the right time”. My job enabled me to be at home when the children were young, forge a link with professional bodies and organize help for local charities such as CCA and Readifood. 

Back in 1998, an elderly lady at church said to me: “Please take this fish badge. I believe God wants you to have it.” I do not usually wear badges, but I was touched by her words and wore it.

The next week I rejoined Oracle. Someone sent me an e-mail entitled “Fish badge” on my 2nd day. In it, he invited me to have lunch with him the following Friday. He had seen my badge on the interview day and asked when we met if I was a Christian.

That was the start of a prayer group and friendship. We are still members of the workplace fellowship. The company allows us to use a room and conference call facilities to meet and pray. 

(kindly provided by Reading at Work)