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Leader's Story: Being a Witness in the Workplace

We recently received this from Michael, who works in a small government office in the Leeds area, describing the Christmas event he and a friend put on for colleagues near where they work. Events such as this may not always attract big numbers, but they are so important as a witness in the workplace, and, as Michael describes, they are often really meaningful to individuals who come along. They also do much to strengthen the group itself.

My name is Michael, and I work in a small government team on a business park in Leeds, consisting of staff from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and from the Cabinet Office. There is also a HMRC office nearby. There are 2 of us in the office, myself from BIS and my friend Tim from the Cabinet Office, who wanted to put something on at Christmas.
The event we held was a lunchtime gathering with mince pies and mulled wine, a Christmas quiz, the showing of a video of the nativity and a brief Christmas message. 
It went well. It was a fairly low key event in terms of numbers. There were 6 of us in all, but we were really pleased that certainly one non-Christian was present and was able to receive a gospel message that I do believe was just for him. 
Unfortunately the co-leader of the group Tim was ill, so I had to lead the event, and God taught me a great deal about trusting him! 
Overall Tim and I are really pleased. Even the Christian witness of holding an event, the posters we put up, emails we sent, and leaflets handed out are a great witness. We love Jesus, and this season, is all about him. Thank you so much for your prayers. Many people were praying for this event, and I am so grateful because it’s a spiritual war we are engaged in, and without prayer we would be so lost!! A big thankyou to everyone for their prayers!
I think it was also a good event for the two Christians who came from the other government building here as well, and may encourage them next year to hold something themselves. 
In the new year these offices are moving into central Leeds and my team will be sharing with the Insolvency Service, whilst the Cabinet office will be moving to another government building close by. Next year we will prayerfully wait to see what the Lord calls us to do, whether a similar event, something different or supporting the outreach already taking place in the city centre.