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Facebook 12 hr v2Facebook 12 hour Worship and Prayer 

We were just about to send out this newsletter when we received the following email from the leader of the Christian Workplace Group (Employee Resource Group as they are known in the States) in Facebook. We trust you will all be encouraged by what the Lord is doing in Facebook. It starts off with Christy on the mic saying...

"Welcome everyone, we're so excited you're here. I'm Christie and I get a unique opportunity to be part of a group of people who love Jesus and follow Jesus and we also happen to work for a small company you might have heard before called Facebook. We actually name ourselves Christians at Facebook. Yes there are Christians who work at Facebook. God has a remnant everywhere. We are so pleased and honoured to be dedicating the next 12 hours to worship and prayer to the one true God and we're so excited to have many people here from the Bay Area but its my understanding that we've actually had many people from many nations here today.  We're also online and we're streaming on Facebook Live across churches in America and other nations too."

Could you imagine doing this in your workplace?   If you'd like to know how and would like some tips, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Below are the links and below that are suggested timings of highlights to watch. - Enjoy and inspired for your own place of work!

Facebook 12 hour Worship and Prayer, Part 1:

Facebook 12 hour Worship and Prayer, Part 2:

Time Stamps: Part I Worship and Prayer at Facebook HQ 

1:05:42: Testimony of Christians@ Facebook Worship team

1:07: Christians@ Facebook Worship

3:58:46: Praying for Facebook: the company, leaders, employees, and the platform 

5:06:30: Praying for Unity in the Global Church; including beginning at 5:15:40: prayer in multiple languages across the nations