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Become an Ambassador

If you have a passion to support Christians on the front line of mission - why not join our Ambassador Team? Here's Andrew on why he joined our team and stayed!

Why are you interested in workplace ministry?

As a Christian, I've always been more interested in what is happening outside of the church than inside and at times felt a bit out of place but I used to think of my job as just something I did to pay the bills. A few years ago God spoke to me in a dream about how important my work is to Him and it just "clicked" that we're meant to worship God through our work Monday to Friday as much as we are through church on a Sunday.

How did you hear about Transform Work and why did you choose to become an Ambassador for us?

I knew that I was meant to be doing something explicitly Christian alongside my regular work in public service improvement consultancy, so I started looking around for what was already going on. I found the Transform Work website and it was obvious straight away that its work was very much along the lines that I had been thinking, to connect Christians working in public services with each other for mutual support and encouragement.

I had had some ideas about how to support workplace ministry but wasn't really sure how to get things going on my own. Getting involved in Transform Work gave me the structure, support and team that I needed to make a tangible difference.

What does being an Ambassador look like?

Day to day, the whole thing revolves around Christian workplace group leaders, and whatever support or encouragement they may need to keep going and develop their groups. We each have a caseload of leaders we support. Most of the time we proactively keep in touch with them. Sometimes, an issue or opportunity will come up and one of the leaders I support will contact me asking for help, such as organising prayer for colleagues or applying for funding from their employer.

Sometimes it's as simple as having a chat and praying together, other times it might be working on documents like a business case for an equality and diversity framework. Just keeping in touch with Christian workplace group leaders, praying for them and letting them know you are interested in what they are doing can go a long way. My paid work varies so sometimes I have more time and other times less. I've been able to fit my Ambassador role around that so generally it's worked well.

What is it that you've done for TW?

Before the pandemic, I would visit Christian workplace group leaders where they work and attend some of their group meetings. More recently I've been using Zoom and video conferencing platforms to speak to group leaders, some in other parts of the country.

As an Ambassador, I’ve discussed problems with leaders and found solutions together, delivered guest talks, led prayer sessions, helped write business cases and other official documents for Christian workplace groups to engage with their employers and I've even spoken at a sector Christian network conference. For one Christian workplace group, I ran a workshop with the group's members to match their employers stated values to passages in the Bible, which they later published in the workplace!

How does it make you feel to be helping frontline Christians?

I love supporting people and seeing their work produce great results so it’s been really fulfilling, and at times even a thrill, to engage with Christian workplace group leaders as they develop their groups and gain recognition from their employers. Also, it’s not just ordinary volunteering. You really get to know the leaders you support as an Ambassador and are involved in something that they really care about, so it feels like a privilege to support what God is doing in and through them.

How does it feel to be part of TW?

It’s been a genuine encouragement, and at times almost a relief, to work with and get to know other Christians with similar interests to me in terms of seeing God at work in the workplace. We support each other as an Ambassador team which hasn’t just helped with my work as an Ambassador, but has also helped to keep me focused on God and on what He is doing through my wider work as well.

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