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Christians in Government UK

Christians In Government UK is an umbrella group that links together the Christian Workplace Groups in the various national government departments. We seek to encourage those networks, facilitate activities that are beyond the scope of individual groups to arrange, and also, where appropriate, to represent a Christian view within government.

Many of the government departments (or ministries) have Christian fellowships. Some are quite large, with several hundred contacts, and some quite small. Most meet weekly or bi-weekly for prayer, study, sharing or other activities. Christians In Government  serves these groups, which are its core. Although many of Christians In Government's activities take place in London, we also connect with groups in national government offices around the Nation. This aspect of the work is still in its infancy, however, and we would love this part of our work to grow! If you are a Christian working in national government and are not linked into a local workplace fellowship, please get in touch! E-mail us at

The largest and most significant event that Christians In Government arranges is the Whitehall Carol Service (the 2009 service in Methodist Central Hall, Westminster is shown above). Running for over 13 years now, in 2011 we held the service in Westminster Abbey for the first time and were honoured with the presence of HRH Princess Alexandra. The service attracts a number of government ministers, opposition MPs and senior civil servants, and over 2000 civil servants and friends. It is a wonderful occasion!  The collections that have been taken at these carol services over the years have resulted in well over £10,000 being donated to charity.

In recent years we have also held an Easter service, a smaller event, but one which seeks to bring the real message of Easter to Westminster.

As well as these 2 main annual events, we are active in prayer, meeting on the first Monday of every month for prayer and praise in Methodist Central Hall, Westminster. We feel we are called to pray for government and for the Nation – that God would grant us good government and that God would restore the Nation to Him. We also hold at least one week of prayer annually, often with a concluding event at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, supported by several other organisations. Our summer weeks of prayer are arranged together with Christians in Parliament.

We run an Alpha course every year, attracting up to 45 people on a course! We also run follow-up courses such as Christianity Explored. We have taken part in volunteering events, join with others in speaker events, and many more things! We partner with a number of Christian organisations and churches in London – it is amazing how many people God is calling to pray for and support government, and really exciting to see what is happening spiritually in our Nation.

Please pray for the work of Christians in Government – both our work as an organisation and for individual Christians working in government – that they would live out their Christian faith more effectively in the workplace, working with the values that Jesus taught us, reaching out as examples and inspirations to others.

We strongly believe that Christianity is not just ‘for Sundays’, that God wants us to live out our faith ‘24/7’. In Christians In Government we are involved with the leadership of the Nation - what a responsibility! In Transform Work UK we can reach all who are at work, everywhere. Join us as we seek to live out our lives truly to the glory of God in every aspect of our work!