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Anglian Water Christian Workplace Group

It was wonderful to meet up with Ian and the Anglian Water Christian Workplace Group in Peterborough again after 5 years, and what a great place to meet in... the local pub just across the road from the office!  As we sipped our drinks it was great to be surrounded by 7 guys from a variety of cultures and church denominations telling workplace testimonies. Here's just one; two of the group members were working late on a project when the cleaner came in upset and in tears.  They spoke with her and discovered that her husband had just had a heart attack.  Both Ian and Peter asked if they could pray for her, which they did.  She was so thankful and they soon heard that the husband was much better. Praise God for opportunities like this!

The group is also a real support for it's members.  One colleague's daughter had trouble getting a visa to come to the UK from South Africa.  The group prayed about the situation and now that young daughter works in Anglian Water too and also attends the Christian Workplace Group.  (Now that's going to extremes to grow your Christian Workplace Group!!)

When asked why they meet to read the bible and pray when that is what their 'church' is for, the reply was quite clear... to disciple each other at work. to encourage each other to live righteously, to apply the bible's teaching to their working environment and to see something of God in the workplace!!  Amen!  There was also a sense that what they most valued was knowing there were other believers at work and that they were not the only Christian there. 

As with most Christian Workplace Groups there are more people on the email list than attend and due to the present economic conditions the workforce expands and contracts which is mirrored in the Christian Workplace Group and attendance at meetings.  Although the group doesn't have 'formal recognition' it is widely known within the organisation and permission is given to use rooms to meet together.  Most people hear about the group through word of mouth thanks to group members like Paull, Peter and Anthony, who just love to speak about their faith wherever they are placed.

Please pray for the Anglian Water Christian Workplace Group, that God would bless them in their workplace and as they meet that they would not only be a blessing to one another but to the colleagues around them.  Pray too for Ian as he leads the group that the Holy Spirit would give wisdom and direction for future activities.  It was a privilege to meet Anglian Water Fellowship which has been going for over 11 years.