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PwC People Network Fair 

PwC PeopleNetwork Fair - HH
On 14th October PwC Christians were involved with a 'People Network Fair'. Each of the 13 PwC People Networks had a stand to showcase what their network does and give people an opportunity to learn more. The event was open to PwC staff and external guests. Lots of people came to the Christian Network stand including external guests who wanted to learn more so that they could set up a similar network, internal staff who were generally interested and internal staff who were Christians and wanted to sign up. It was also a good opportunity for those from the Christian Network to get to know some of the people involved with other groups. 

As part of the stand for the Christian Network there was a poll asking 'Is God relevant to work?'. Of those who voted (with pasta - nothing high tech!), 61% said yes, 35% said sometimes and 4% said no. In many ways this outcome is unsurprising because it was being asked at a diversity fair that included people of faith and people were voting 'in the open', so might not have felt able to vote on what they really believed. However, I was still surprised and encouraged by the number of people who said yes and it led to a lot of interesting discussions with people. We are thinking about having a stand in the foyer of the office asking people to vote on this again. If we align it with Christmas we might ask 'Is Christmas relevant to work?' and then have a number of talks on this topic over Christmas.