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Ealing carols
Organising a Christmas Carol Event

This is a great opportunity, as it is easy to set up a Christmas carol service that links into the Christmas cheer. This is not something you can easily do at Easter or Pentecost!

1) Preparation: gather all the Christians at work to team up and take on individual roles:

  • Service format and sheet
  • Welcome (by the group leader, key senior manager, diversity representative?)
  • 3 thumping and familiar carols
  • Readings
  • An enthusiastic and gifted Pastor to give a direct, good 10 min message
  • Only brief and topical prayers, by a fellowship member
  • Christmas blessing (Pastor?)
  • Obtain agreement of your managers/HR department to what you are planning to do

2) Think creatively about promoting the event (invitations in the company) with supporting activities, tapping into the ‘Christmas Spirit’:

  • Organising a departmental ‘Decorating’ competition, with the best decorated department winning free coffees or something
  • Getting people to buy anonymous presents for deprived children (NSPCC or local charity) or gifts for developing countries (World Vision, Oxfam, etc..)
  • Giving out free advent calendars

3) Make sure the event is timed, and finishes on time (30 mins sharp?).

4) For music, get your own band or the Salvation Army (one company used a small gospel band which proved very popular!).

5) Prepare Invitations / Posters

6) Think about providing food (mince pies & coffee?)

7) Think carefully about the meeting place (e.g. the company atrium or entrance hall)

8) Invite a management representative to read the lesson (? John 1.1-14), provide food afterwards and mingle with his workforce.

9) Tell any important folks’ PAs to put it in the bosses diaries