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Exciting news from Christian Medical Fellowship

After meeting with a core team of Christian Professional Group leaders at the HQ of the Lawyers Christian Fellowship, Ros took the opportunity to swing by and catch up with Pablo Fernandez, Head of Graduate Ministries for Christian Medical Fellowship, who happened to be in the bulilding at the time.

It was really exciting to hear about the growing numbers of workplace prayer groups in hospitals and localities that CMF are developing as a result of their Saline Solution course and the CMF Links scheme.

Some of the groups are made up of those from the same profession, eg groups of doctors or nurses, but many are interdisciplinary, bringing together students and health professionals.

If you work in the medical professions please do get in touch with the Christian Medical Fellowship. They have an excellent  website full of resources for you.  

Also don't miss out on the next CMF National Conference.  Here's the link to the promo video and here's the link to the registration page.