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StHelens workers lunchtime

Welcome Meetings

Periodically have open meetings where the format and content is designed for people who are new to the group, bearing in mind that some will be Christians who have been following Jesus for a long time, and others may be non-believers who are just enquiring about the faith. It is important that the group is inclusive, encouraging people from across the range of traditions and with differing experiences of the faith (or none) to become involved.

A welcome meeting might contain a talk and discussion on what the group does; perhaps play a video which captures the group’s aims and ethos. Include refreshments – if the meeting is at lunchtime, make it clear that people can bring and eat packed lunches. Make time to talk to people, find out what they are looking for, and how the group can help them. Maintain contact with those who come along. Make sure the meeting is well advertised in advance, and of course pray that God will bring along many new people to the meeting.