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Christian Engagement In Diversity & Inclusion 

We were delighted to be hosting Joe Clease who has been working on the diversity agenda for several years. He will be looking at some of the biblical principles congruent with involvement in the diversity agenda, providing advice about how we might engage fruitfully, and providing some tips on things we can say and argue for, and links to helpful resources.

Joe Clease is a civil servant, who also volunteers for Christians in Government (CIG) and specialises in diversity policy work.  CIG is the non-denominational umbrella body representing Christians working in the civil service and offering support to individual Christians and workplace Christian Groups. Joe has a passion for apologetics and still remembers what he used to think about Christians and Christianity before he was converted as an adult.  He wants to help Christians to make a positive contribution at work, and to help Christianity to be better understood by others.

If you'd like a copy of the seminar.  Please contact us.