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Wisdom 4 Work Introduction

An introduction to Wisdom 4 Work by Pastor Femi Idowu. If you want to act and pray effectively at work, step 1 is knowing what to do by receiving insights from the Word of God. Join Femi on this journey of growing in Wisdom For Work.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a formally recognised Christian presence in every NHS Trust across the UK? Find out more you can get involved...
So how has your group gone this year? The highs the lows, why don't you have one last group chat and share. It is a great practice to stop and reflect. Below is a short report one group from the Oxfordshire County Council Christian Network Group:
Thinking of starting a Christian Workplace eGroup? Here's a short guide to the first steps to take.
Building a Christian Workplace Group: Should People from Other Faiths be Part of your Christian Workplace Group?
Sometimes Christian Workplace Group leaders can feel isolated, it may feel like there is no-one to turn to, to encourage and support you in developing a growing CWG. But what about other CWG leaders in your area?
Here's an example from Thames Water's virtual carols from last Christmas.
The journey of one Christian Workplace Group leader's online alpha course...
Workplace Alpha testimony
An introduction to Wisdom 4 Work by Pastor Femi Idowu. If you want to act and pray effectively at work, step 1 is knowing what to do by receiving insights from the Word of God. Join Femi on this journey of growing in Wisdom For Work.
Information about the Wiltshire Council Christian Workplace Group.
Are you waiting for God to tell you where He wants you to serve Him? Could it be that God is calling you to serve Him right where you are?
The death and resurrection of Jesus is the big story line of the Bible. It’s no surprise, then, that a majority of Christians celebrate it every year on Easter Sunday.
Steve Matthews, Liverpool ambassador, shares some experiences of his group leadership's bi-annual meeting with their personnel manager, and how they received encouragement and new ideas for what they could do
A local Authority took up the challenge to create a Christmas video for all staff. More than just a bit of fun!
The Whitehall Carol Service is arranged for Government and the civil service by Christians in Government UK, a Civil Service staff diversity network.
Wessex Water Christian Workplace Group, supported by their local church, ran a parenting children course for all employees in the company
We welcome Mal Shaw who has recently joined us as an ambassador in the Gloucester area
Periodically have open meetings where the format and content is designed for people who are new to the group,
Jesus said, YOU are the light of the world... Jonathan's new book, Vision of Lights, will inspire and encourage you as a Christian in your place of work.
Don't give up the habit of meeting together. There are many ways Christians can continue to 'meet' - Christian connection and a Christian presence are two key aspects for Christian Workplace Group survival and impact.
Even a 'goodbye' e-mail can give an opportunity for witness, as this CWG leader told us.
When I started at the University it took me a year to find another Christian. We started to meet together with one of her colleagues who was also a Christian....
In May 2010 we established a small group (4-15 members) of Christians from the University of Ulster Coleraine campus.
Elizabeth recently visited the Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies where she heard first hand of the work of Chaplaincies in workplaces across the country
Elizabeth's report from TWUK's attendance at Kingdom Connections' 4th annual conference, which drew together Christians from many different backgrounds
A word in season from Julian Shellard, Chair of Transform Work UK.
The work of encouraging one another and showing others the grace of Christ stretches beyond borders... this time to Northern Ireland.
The Transform Work UK AGM and Celebration in London on 26th February was an uplifting event attended by over 50 people in which we celebrated the goodness of the Lord in the work of TWUK last year
Transform Work now supports over 500 groups in the UK, but we believe that God is challenging us to a much wider vision, and we have been listening to where He is leading us.
Des, from Anglian Water in Peterborough, describes how he found his CWG, and talks about the support the Christian Workplace Group has been to him as a Christian in the workplace.
Meet the GlaxoSmithKline Christian Community - a network with groups at 4 major sites in the UK, at Brentford, Stockley Park, Stevenage and Ware, and at locations overseas
14.49% increase in Membership, 5.04% increase in Twitter followers... A positive time for the Christian Ambulance Association.
We recently made contact with the Christian group at Gentoo, a social enterprise in Sunderland; read about how the group started and how the group is supporting its members and expressing Christian faith in the workplace.
Tim Davis of accountancy firm Ernst and Young talks about the value of the Christian Workplace Group to him personally
This article talks about the impact the book has had on Christian Workplace Groups.
Thames Water's Learning at Work Week gave the Christian group there a chance to explain on how Christianity embraced networking - the Business's topic for the week
Results of a survey conducted in August 2017 asking how Transform Work UK has helped CWG leaders the most, and what are felt to be the greatest needs of Christians at the workplace
New support for central government workplace groups from members of our Transform Work Team.
The Bedford Council CWG recently arranged an event to celebrate Sukkot - the Jewish feast of Tabernacles or Shelters. It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with in the council
Transform Work UK's latest publication, covering all aspects of starting a Christian Workplace Group - from finding other Christians at your place of work, to being celebrated by the organisation as a real benefit
Starting a choir can be an excellent way to have fun and meet new people, and introduce the Christian faith in a gentle way
The Christian Staff Network joined with the Black Professionals Network of Barclays in Canary Wharf to arrange an event: 'Easter - The Passion'. Key leaders spoke of their faith
A fine example of all faiths coming together to the benefit of the company occurred at Rolls Royce in Derby, where staff gather to remember the recent atrocities in Sri Lanka
Glory Road carries out the Great Commission in their own special way by reaching out to professional drivers in and around the UK...
The PM's endorsement of the recent report 'Speak Up', discussing Christians' freedom to talk about the gospel in the workplace, is an encouragement to us all!
Why does Transform Work matter? Well here's six 'distinctives' and how we can choose to respond
A group leader in the Home Office Christian Network looks back at the year 2014, the highlight of which was starting a choir!
A booklet prepared by the Church of England with some great ideas for how church leaders can equip and encourage their members who are in the workplace
Ros interviews Nick Shepherd, who is the Programme Director for Setting God's People Free for the Church of England.
The testimony of of a lady called Sandra, who recently came to faith through a Christian group in her workplace, Tower Hamlets Borough Council