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God at work in a local authority  

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We are constantly amazed at how God goes before our Christian workplace group and provides ways we can benefit our Council.

Some time ago we asked our Chief Executive what we could pray for in the organisation. He identified a particular service area under significant pressure.  We have prayed for this service area regularly over the past 2-3 years.

This Easter we revived our pre-Covid custom of setting out baskets of mini chocolate Easter eggs in our offices, depot and town hall.  When I was picking up an empty basket from one of our tea-rooms, a colleague called Karen* expressed her appreciation for the gift of the eggs.  I recognised her as being from the service area we were praying for.  Karen seemed moved when I told her we prayed for her team.
Our Christian group was due to meet at lunchtime the following week.  That morning I emailed Karen to ask if we could pray for anything specific in her service area. She replied ... “Thank you so much for thinking of our team and the work we are undertaking.  If you could pray that our international workers have a safe journey from [name of country] to [name of our Council] over the next few months that would be appreciated”.  

A couple of days later I confirmed we had prayed, and were keen to support that part of the Council’s work in whatever way we could. Karen thanked our group and asked if we might be able to ‘meet and greet’ this team since, given their country of origin, a number were likely to be practising Christians. I had been thinking we could offer exactly that, but thought it was premature at that point to suggest it!
Karen put me in touch with Jackie*, a colleague who was co-ordinating the arrangements for the team’s arrival. Jackie responded: “This is fabulous news, can I pass on my thanks to yourself and the group.  I am actually meeting with my manager this afternoon, to start drafting an induction timetable, so this is perfect timing as we want to include any meet and greets in individuals or groups”. 

Around the same time I received an email from Rick*, a senior manager in that service area who had found out about our group and wanted to join us.  Rick added “I am not sure if you are aware we are due to have 24 international workers join us from [names of countries] many of whom will be practising Christians so linking them in to this group will be really helpful for them.”

God’s timing is amazing!  We are encouraged that he used the small gesture of setting out a gift of eggs at Easter to bring about this encounter. We are excited to have the opportunity to help settle in people coming to our country from a long distance and from a different culture. It is a privilege for our Christian group to be able to support the Council in this challenging area of its work.

* names changed