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Derby Networking Event 

Network 3:2
It was great to be back in Derby last week for the second Christian Workplace Group (CWG) leaders’ networking event, when representatives came together from organisations such as Bombardier, Rolls Royce, Derby Homes and Derby University. Although numbers were small, it was an enjoyable and productive time. It was particularly good to welcome a number of new leaders to the meeting.

Ros shared the following topics with the group:

  • A brief background of Transform Work UK,
  • TWUK – ‘Casting our Vision’
  • TWUK’s current mission to achieve 1000 CWGs.

It was an exciting time together and there was a real sense of shared commitment, with the Derby CWGs taking up the baton for their patch of the UK. Leaders were determined to be proactive in catching the fire of God for this mission and in casting the vision amongst other Christians in work.

Ros shared information from the recent TWUK Conference. This included the presentation given by the keynote speaker, barrister Richard O'Dare, who considered, in the context of current legislation, how CWGs might flourish within equality and diversity frameworks. It was a greatly encouraging presentation, which dispelled the myth that staff are unable to talk about their faith at work.

The meeting continued with feedback from the leaders on the development of their CWGs. This included hearing about some of the difficulties they have had to overcome and how best CWG leaders can support one another. Everyone came away with new ideas and were encouraged to keep going and take on board learning from others. 

One delegate in particular was excited about a change that has recently taken place within her group. Just 3 or 4 people had been meeting for a number of months, but suddenly numbers have increased to a regular 12 people attending. “God is at work in the workplace ... something is going on!”

Delegates requested that we meet again in May 2017 for further discussion and sharing on how the CWGs have developed.  If any CWG leaders were unable to attend this meeting but want to be involved in future, please sign up below and we will email you with the details next year.

Thanks as always to Tim Rosier and Woodlands Church Centre for hosting us.