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Ealing Update 

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The following is an update covering the 3 groups at Ealing Borough Council, given by Elizabeth Ukiomogbe (leader of the 'Workers Aflame' group) at the London Councils Christian Network annual conference in September 2015:

"There are 3 groups that meet in Ealing Council: Ealing 'Workers Aflame!' which meets on a Monday, the Ealing Staff Christian Fellowship, which meets on a Tuesday and Ealing Lunchtime Talks which meet on a Wednesday. 

Workers Aflame has been in existence for 6 years, and has a charismatic approach; the Ealing Staff Fellowship has existed for around for about 20 years and is evangelical in nature; and Ealing Lunchtime Talks is facilitated by a local Presbyterian church.

Despite the doctrinal differences, the 3 groups increasingly are coming together for joint meetings and joint events.

In Ealing, the Christians are movers and shakers in the council! This is largely through prayer!

Through prayer, over the past year, the group has seen people saved, jobs secured and promotions awarded!

Supported by prayer, one of the leaders of the group who was made redundant last year, made a case that her post was generating income for the council, and the post was reprieved!

Through prayer, morale in the council, which had been severely shaken by the recent cuts, has been greatly improved.

A member of the Christian group has recently been made Council Employee of the Year!

So great has been the impact of what God has been doing at grass-roots level, that the group has recently written to HR to ask how the group can help and be a blessing to the council management and to emphasise that the group is supporting and praying for the workers and leaders of the council in all they do.

The mayor was very enthusiastic in his support of the carol service last year arranged by the 3 groups.

We appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to forge ahead together."