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Transform Work > Resources > Member News > Jeff Steady hands over as Chair of TWUK to Trevor Payne 

Jeff Steady hands over as Chair of Transform Work UK to Trevor Payne 

On 14th June, at a Transform Work UK Board meeting at St George's Church Holborn, Jeff Steady handed over the role of Chair of the Board of Trustees to Trevor Payne. The upper picture shows Jeff and Trevor, the picture below shows the Transform Work UK Board together and our 3 lead ambassadors.
Jeff Steady  has served Transform Work UK for many years, in fact being involved with the ministries predecessor organisation, Christian Workplace Forum before Transform Work UK was formed in 2007. He has been chair since 2012. Jeff’s clear leadership of Transform Work UK has been inspired by his passion for the vision of what well-constructed Christian Workplace Groups can achieve for God at the workplace. He experienced this for himself during his time at the Audit Commission, where he was involved in the leadership of the large group that developed there. Christians in the Audit Commission made a major impact and was widely valued by senior management for the contribution the group made to the overall organisation. God moved in amazing ways through the group and its example and inspiration was to play a significant encouraging role in helping CWGs in other organisations get started.
Jeff has led Transform Work UK with a clear focus on our prime call – to establish thriving Christian Workplace Groups in organisations that bring a Godly influence for the benefit of that organisation. Jeff has been particularly keen to place God at the centre of Transform Work UK– listening to God’s call on us at every stage of our development. His many stories of how he has been used by God in miraculous ways across the 3 ministries he has been involved with – Transform Work UK, a church in Romania and the New Frontiers church in Malvern – testify to the fact that he is one of God’s anointed. Under his leadership, Transform Work UK has grown to the point where we are in contact with over 400 Christian Workplace Groups
We owe a debt of great gratitude to Jeff, and we wish him and his wife Frances well in his retirement.
Trevor joined the Transform Work UK board in 2013, as he was about to retire from the RAF. In his last years in the RAF, working at the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall, he led the MOD Christian Workplace Group, and was a member of the Christians in Government leadership team, serving as chair in his last year.

After joining Transform Work UK, for 2 years he networked with a number of Christian Workplace Groups, as well as looking after the website. For a while, Trevor reduced his involvement in the ministry, answering a call to service in his local church, but now senses a time of transition back into Transform Work UK and has happily accepted the nomination to fill the role of Chair.
Trevor said: “I am delighted and honoured to be taking up the role of Chair of Transform Work UK. Led by Jeff, there have been encouraging changes in the organisation, particularly over the last 18 months, during which our networking team has increased from just a few to 12 individuals, 2 of which are working in paid positions. These 12 ambassadors have enabled our core work of contacting and encouraging Christian Workplace Groups to take off like never before. We have heard amazing stories of what groups have been doing. Undoubtedly God has been with us as we have grown; there are now many people offering to help this ministry in various capacities. We now stand at a crossroads where we need to continue to maintain the focus on growing and supporting Christian Workplace Groups while enlarging our support base. It’s going to be thrilling to see what God has in store.”