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Christian Workplace Groups are for Everywhere - Even on an Oil Rig! 

Oil Rig
Last week I (Ros) spoke to a guy who works in Aberdeen on an oil platform… it’s a funny sort of job where you work in rotation 2 weeks on 2 weeks off living out in the North Sea. 

There are about 50-60 people on the platform at any one time and surprisingly or not … our guy has discovered two other believers working on the platform, a nurse and medic, and the three of them have started to pray together in the ‘sick room’ in their lunchbreak. 

What an unusual Christian Workplace Group! Love it! They pray for their colleagues and safety on the platform as well as their work and any issues that arise. 

Currently they are working through LICC’s Fruitfulness on the Frontline material and after that are going onto Transforming Work

Word has got around that they meet to pray for their colleagues and now exciting conversations are starting to open up about God and life. 

It’s wonderful that this small team of three are making an impact where God has placed them … where ‘traditional’ church simply can’t reach. Praise God! Do you have an unusual Christian Workplace Group?  We’d love to hear from you!