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Men prayingPraying Together in the Group 

Prayer should be the bedrock underpinning all the group does.

When praying in the group, it is especially important that the different Christian traditions represented by group members are respected and reflected in how you pray. Some may be prefer silent prayer, others praying out loud either one at a time, or praying out loud together. Vary the type of prayer used, and ensure through discussion and feedback, that all are comfortable. Larger groups can be split into smaller ones to pray. 

Topics for prayer might include the following:

  • the leadership of the workplace/organisation
  • the staff of the workplace/organisation
  • the success and growth of the workplace/organisation
  • any issues that face the organisation at the time
  • needs of colleagues - both Christians and non-Christians
  • growth in the group
  • needs of members of the group
  • asking God to reveal what He is calling the group to do