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Making a Difference in SAP

Chris works for an international software company called SAP.

Transform Work recently heard about the Christian group which has been established in this organisation.

Chris Taplin, who was a founder member of the group writes:

“The group was formed over 4 years ago and initially was very successful because many of the core team were office based and we could meet face to face. Now we “meet” via conference calls on Wednesdays at 8:30am.  

We have run an early-morning Alpha course which was very good and over the last few years we have organised collections for Christmas hampers to give to those in need locally. This has kept some awareness going of the group to new members.”

Chris tells us that the group has really been able to help its members to be a vibrant Christian witness in the workplace.

“People who are not Christian were intrigued as to who were members and were shocked that some of the successful sales people in the top roles were Christians! It also challenged those who go to Church, but didn’t believe that life should mix with work. I had many car park conversations about that!”

Chris also told us how the Christian Group impacted church life.

“When the members told their Church congregation what they were doing at work, it laid down a big challenge to other Christians at work.”

This is a real story of encouragement showing how a Christian Group can grow even in a large international company and Chris reminds us that it is possible to start a Christian Group in any workplace situation!

Chris has recently changed roles and works in a high pressure environment, also some of the founder members of the group have taken on global roles, so let’s remember this group, and especially Chris, in our prayers. Pray that this group will continue to grow and become more widely known throughout the organisation.