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Great things are happening in the Department for Education Christian Network (DfECN) 

DfESOn May 17th I was asked to go along to the DfE Christian Network.  When I went to one of their meetings, I was amazed at the turn out.  This group had gone from a handful of people meeting once a month, to twice a month and now they meet every week, with around 90 people on the email list!  There were around 15 people squeezed into a very small multi faith room. It however, is one of the nicer multi-faith rooms I’ve come across and it even has a piano in it, windows and comfy chairs!  Well done Department for Education!
A new system of leading the midweek group has been put in place and it seems to have attracted and sustained new active members.  They have a rota for leading weekly sessions, with a named backup in place if that individual is unable to lead for any reason. 
The group love it because it’s team work - you lead together, it involves delegation, everyone can take part and it helps grow a skill set of facilitation, leading and planning.  It also avoids putting undue pressure on any one individual to lead and plan sessions each week. 
DfE Christian Network members have the opportunity to meet with other diversity network leaders, sometimes also with the Permanent Secretary for Education, currently Jonathan Slater.  What a privilege! 
! Stop & Pray !
Why don’t you stop right now half way through this article and pray for God’s blessing and wisdom for Jonathan he leads the DfE. This department touches the lives of every child in the UK.  If you have never prayed for him or DfE before … well now’s the time to do so. ?
! Stop & Pray !
Members also have the opportunity to hear what the other diversity groups are involved in and to learn from them.  They are sometimes given a ‘spotlight month’ to highlight the existence and work of the group.  It’s a great way to raise the profile of the Group and to gain more members for the Network.  It also demonstrates the inclusiveness of this government department to celebrate faith, and in particular the Christian faith of staff within the workforce.
Wherever you are, look out for other Christians in your workplace – look out for them, pray for divine opportunities to find them.  You’ll be surprised who they are.  Some Christians are disillusioned for one reason or another and yet they still have a faith in Jesus, although often hidden. Find them, take them out for a coffee or lunch; fan the spark into a flame and in the words of Ezekiel's prophecy speak life into their very bones. These are exciting times to be alive in the Lord and involvement in a Christian Workplace Group really makes a difference!