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Chris GidneyChristians in Entertainment 

Ros talks with Chris Gidney, Director of Christians in Entertainment. 

Transform Work UK are really keen to alert our network to Christians in Entertainment’s (CIE) new web site. Ros spoke to Chris, CIE Director, recently. He’s just come home after touring with Dad’s Army on a nationwide tour of theatres and a cruise ship! It sounds exciting but when you are in the entertainment industry it’s not always the fun scene people expect. Chris explained: ‘it’s a topsy-turvy life – we go out to work when most people are heading home for the day. We go to bed when most people are getting up to work – it can be a lonely life at times and very challenging.’ 

CIE’s work is to support Christians working in entertainment – it does what it says on the tin! Chris went onto explain that their work is really niche – a church would have trouble supporting professionals in entertainment and being there for them. More often than not, the Christian entertainer isn’t able to make the usual mid-week church meetings or even regularly attend church on a Sunday. Support comes in other forms, telephone calls, a visit backstage or between rehearsals where Chris will often snatch time to pray and read the Bible with Christians and at times these have truly been lifesaving moments!  
Chris says he does this work because he wants Christian entertainers to be the best at what they do, using their God-given talent and living for Him in workplaces that are often very hostile to Jesus. Chris’ heartbeat is to see Christians strong in their faith, fulfilling their calling in the entertainment world and loving fellow colleagues around them too.  
Lastly – Chris did mention that many people get in touch wanting help on how to ‘make it’, how to become famous – but Chris says we are not an organisation that offers guidance of this kind as there are many organisations out there giving this type of advice. CIE’s role is to come alongside and support the believer from a spiritual and professional point of view, eg, answering a question like, 'is it OK for a Christian actor to swear or appear in the nude?' When asking how CIE finds people to support, Chris said that people mainly came to them through word of mouth.  
So if you are in the entertainment industry and would value support from CIE there are a number of ways to get in touch.  Find them on Facebook, check out their new snazzy web site, and from there you will find lots of information and also a confidential prayer line too.  
Please remember CIE and those that this Christian Professional & Sector Group supports in your prayers.