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God Works in Wonderful Ways!

Here is an account of how Transform Work UK have been helping to grow a Christian Workplace Group in a public sector organisation in the West Midlands, and how God has intervened as a response to prayer.

Transform Work UK have recently been helping Heloise, who works in a large public sector organisation in the West Midlands, to start a CWG. 

Heloise had arrived in the organisation some months ago, and felt a strong calling from God to start a Christian Workplace Group. Her initial approaches around the office identified a few Christians, but none seemed to be interested in forming a group. Being a relatively junior grade, and as the work of the organisation, by its very nature, did not encourage staff to mix, she became disheartened and was considering abandoning the idea of forming the group.

Heloise was put in touch with Transform Work UK by a related Christian network. Trevor and Adrian arranged to meet with Heloise, to encourage her, and, having heard more about the situation, to give some advice that might help her move forward. However, God intervened first! At around this time we became aware that the chief executive of the organisation was giving a talk at a Chaplaincy event locally - on his Christian faith!! We contacted the Chaplaincy who mentioned to the chief executive that we knew of a Christian at his workplace who was keen to start a Christian Workplace Group but was finding it tough and seemed to be encountering barriers. He immediately agreed to be put in touch and to try and support her in her efforts. What great encouragement!

A week or so later, Heloise was doing some overtime work, and had a chance to talk at greater length to the person who trained her when she arrived. This was someone who she knew was a Christian, and had approached earlier, but had not shown any interest in getting involved. This time though, he apologised for the earlier lack of interest, and offered to help with publicity for the new group! Thankyou Lord!

The first meeting of this group is planned for 27th October. Please be praying for them as they meet. We wait to hear how this group develops, but we will keep praying and are confident that a group will emerge in this large organisation. We'll keep you posted!