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A Pub Outreach in Camden 

We recently met up with Daisy, who works in Camden council. She told us of an exciting outreach event that members of the Camden Council Christian Fellowship had arranged, together with local Christians, in a nearby pub.
“Some Christians working in the council got together and organised an early evening event in a local pub, where Christians and non-Christians could come together in a very informal, inviting and accessible environment, where we could share our faith and allow people to ask questions that they wouldn’t otherwise have done in many other settings.”
Daisy describes in the video more detail of what this event looked like, that it included a short introduction by a speaker, followed by questions, and further discussions in small groups.
“There were about 14-15 people at the event, and the feedback was very positive. Even some from other faiths attended. Some people thought at first that the pub may put some people off, but it was done in nice way, with a dedicated room being hired.  People who otherwise would not have come along did so. It was a great opportunity for us to create space and let God do His thing!”
“People came, and asked questions. The challenge now is to keep in touch, to try to find other opportunities to share our faith. We are looking at hosting regular events round Camden, where we go to different venues, create opportunities to talk about Jesus and discuss our faith openly.”
Perhaps this might be something that your group could put on!