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Christians in Government UK - Salt and Light: Doing Mission Where We Are 

A report by Anna Rogerson, of Christian in Government UK

Christians in Government UK is a network of Christian Workplace Groups that are based in government offices across the UK.  On a sunny Saturday in May we brought the network together and colleagues travelled from Wales and Birmingham to Westminster so that together we could explore how we could be salt and light in our particular workplaces. 
We discussed our relationships, considering how key they are to being effective in mission. To help us in our discussions, we used the Lifeshapes Triangle[1] (below). We looked at Luke 6:12-19 as an example of how Jesus seemed to have a balance of different relationships as he ‘did life’ with those around him, sharing the Gospel as he went.
He spent a lot of time with his Father in prayer, both for long periods of time, as well as just being ‘connected’ to him during the day, as he taught and healed people. He drew together disciples, and simply walked alongside and journeyed with them, spending time just doing everyday things together. He also spent time with the crowds and others he met and socialized with - those outside his ‘inner circle’ of friends.
To be effective in mission we need to have a balance of relationships as Jesus did - to spend time with God (UP), to have strong relationships with other Christians for support, discipleship, sharing life and just ‘being’ (IN). And of course we need to nurture our relationships with those who don’t yet know Jesus, to help shine the light of the gospel into their lives (OUT). 
Have a think - what tends to happen to the life of your Christian Workplace Group, (and indeed your church, or your own Christian life) when any of these three elements are neglected?

  • Neglect the IN and attempts at mission may become overwhelming without the love and support of others in our Christian Workplace Groups. We were never meant to do mission alone. 
  • Neglect the OUT and our Christian Workplace Groups becomes insular, self-serving, keeping God’s blessings for ourselves. 
  • Neglect the UP and we rush around in our own strength, busy in activities that are not really of God, not connecting with what God may already be doing.  Work life is busy already, so let’s make sure our Christian Workplace Group activities are those that the Father is asking us to do. 

In the workplace, to have a balance of these relationships is crucial, and workplace Christian groups can help us keep this balance as we work to support each other and reach out to our colleagues in what we do, how we are, and what we say, all within the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Triangle – the balance of relationships – how Jesus ‘did life’:
Up in out 

[1] From ‘A Passionate Life’ by Mike Breen and Walt Kallestad