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Week of Prayer

A week of prayer is a specific week set aside for prayer where a range of different prayer activities are held. Although this probably works best among the larger groups, the idea can be applied within a group whatever the size.

It helps if a week of prayer has a theme, which is sufficiently broad that it can be broken down into areas for each meeting. The theme might be for: the work of the organisation, the area in which it is located, a situation of particular concern, or something the group is seeking breakthrough for. Christian in Government and Christians in Parliament hold an annual week of prayer to pray for Government, Parliament and the Nation.

In a week of prayer, try, if you can, to include an event on each day of the week. Lunchtime prayer meetings, in different locations, are usually the core of the week. Other activities can include a prayer breakfast, a meeting devoted to listening to God, an evening session after work with worship and perhaps a guest speaker, prayer walks around strategic locations, and a particular emphasis on any of the other prayer-related activities on these pages. Try to vary the activities and times as much as possible so that as many as possible can attend meetings. Of course, not everyone would be expected to attend all the meetings during the week.

Good planning and early communication are essential! Keep the arrangements as simple as possible.