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Report from Ealing Borough Council Christian Network Groups' Christianity Awareness Week 7-11th April 2014 

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The 3 Christian Workplace Groups in Ealing Borough Council are holding a Christianity Awareness Week this week. It was a privilege to visit them yesterday! The focus of the week is to raise awareness among Ealing council staff who are unfamiliar with the Christian faith of what the Easter season really means.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the group held lunchtime talks on aspects of the Christian faith. On Thursday and Friday the groups will have a stand in the building canteen area at which membersEaling CAW 20140411133742
of the group will explain to enquirers  the meaning of Easter and of the Christian faith and offer various books and pamphlets.
John Freeman, who leads the Ealing Staff Christian Fellowship, gave a great talk on Wednesday entitled 'Easter - Seeing the Bigger Picture' in which he explained the foundations of the Christian faith. Starting with the facts of the death and resurrection of Jesus, he clearly explained how these events were predicted accurately in scriptures written hundreds of years earlier. He then explained the context of the Easter events in the bigger picture of the Christian world view. It was a gently argued account, made more convincing by John's personal journey to faith out of being, in his teens, an avowed atheist.

A selection of books were available for people to take away. Around 20 people attended this very successful event.

Ealing council CAWLater in the week, Catherine Taylor, Head of Legal Litigation, Ealing Council, said of the stand in the cafeteria, ‘It was absolutely brilliant, such a good atmosphere and presence…’.
See here for a guide on how to organise a Christianity Awareness Week.

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