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Revived! How one Christian Workplace Group changed their Format and Blossomed! 

Time for change

When Helen Pickett took over the leadership of the Wiltshire Council Christian Workplace Group  she faced dwindling membership. The Christian Workplace Group met monthly but a combination of work pressures and flexible working patterns meant many staff weren’t able to attend meetings. For the few that did gather, it was clear that the regular format of discussing a topic was no longer lighting a fire. The group looked like it would fold.

What now, God?

Things clearly needed to change. Helen felt guided towards trying a new format for the Christian Workplace Group. What if they changed to quarterly meetings with a compelling speaker, and advertised the meetings widely? Could God work better through that? The small Christian Workplace Group discussed it, and prayed constantly for God’s guidance and success.

Prayers and Preparation

As in many organisations Wiltshire Council Christian Workplace Group receives no funding, save for the promise of a meeting room and the use of a photocopier supported by the Leader (lead Councillor) of the Council. So Helen needed to use the existing communication channels within the Council to maximum effect. To advertise the new quarterly meetings she:

  • Created flyers
  • Advertised in the staff Friday email bulletin
  • Emailed the Christian Workplace Group membership
  • Held a stand promoting the group to both staff and public.

Compelling Witnesses to God

Through the Christian Workplace Group Helen has made some great Christian contacts within the Council. So, her first speaker was the head of the Solicitors Department there who talked about ‘Leadership at Work’ and how he incorporates his Christianity into daily work. The following quarter saw Councillor Mary Douglas discussing ‘Making Decisions as a Christian’.

God’s Blessing

God has richly blessed the new format of the Christian Workplace Group. The quarterly meetings have been a great success with around 15 attending each session; that’s five times the number of monthly attendees! Helen also ensured staff members working in other offices, or at home, could participate via conference call, which added to the numbers. As Helen says; “It has been amazing!”

Advice for CWG Leaders

Are you leading a Christian Workplace Group that needs reviving? Here’s Helen’s advice:

“My group was dying fast, not because people didn’t want to come but because of pressures on time, meetings, working in different towns, working at home etc. Making the meetings less regular with specific topics and speakers helps people schedule more easily.

Our greatest calling as a Christian is to bring others to Christ, and a Christian Workplace Group is a great way in for those who already believe and for those who are curious. Don’t be ashamed or afraid; pray and God will make it happen. He is the reason that our group has started to blossom again, by rethinking the way we do things. Start by praying and God will guide you to do what is right for your workplace.”  

Do you have a similar experience? 

Are you leading a Christian Workplace Group that has seen revival? Share with us how God has worked to restart your Christian Workplace Group and help you transform work where you are.