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1. Why should I get involved in multi-faith at all if Christianity is the only true religion?

As Christians we should love all our colleagues whatever their religion. Whilst we believe that everyone needs to know Jesus, we will only influence them if they know we genuinely love them and are humble, willing to listen and understand others.

2. Is a Multi-Faith Forum a means of mixing up all the faiths?

In no way should this be the aim of a Multi-Faith Forum. Some religions are more open to a wide range of gods and religious ideas, but other faiths are exclusive. This applies to
•  Christians (“I am the way the truth and the life, no-one can come to the father except through me”)
•  Muslims (“I declare there is no god but Allah and I declare that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”)
A one-religion-fits-all approach may be considered ideal by some people in the company, but any attempt to push this should be resisted and should be gently shown that that’s not how religions work.